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October 04, 2018

You Got a Traffic Ticket! Now What?

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Nearly all of us, at one time or another, have been pulled over and issued a ticket by a police officer. However, the process leaves many of us feeling dazed and confused. If you recently received a traffic ticket and aren’t sure what to do, let the experienced traffic attorneys help! 

Getting a Traffic Ticket: What You Need to Know

A ticket can be issued for a variety of different violations, including:

  • Speeding
  • Driving with an expired registration
  • Running a stop sign
  • Changing lanes without signaling
  • And more

When you receive your ticket, the officer will ask you to sign it. It’s important to note that signing a ticket is not an admission of guilt. Signing your ticket simply means that you either agree to pay the fine or appear in traffic court. Refusal to sign your ticket can result in your arrest!

Pay or Appear

As we mentioned above, you have two options with a ticket: either pay the fine or appear in court. Usually, you can just pay the fine and be done with the situation. If you choose to dispute your ticket or if you were pulled over for reckless driving, going 30 miles or more over the speed limit, or a serious accident, you will need to appear in court. If you have to go before a judge, it’s always a good idea to bring an attorney who knows the ins and outs of traffic law.

Traffic School: Kansas vs Missouri

If you get a ticket in Kansas that you would like to be dismissed, the judge may order you to attend traffic school. Whichever program you take must be approved by the court before you enroll.
A speeding ticket in Missouri will result in points on your driver’s license. You can enroll in a Driver Improvement Program (DIP) to get traffic tickets removed from your record or to reduce the number of points on your record. Ask your attorney if this option is available in your court because not all courts accept a DIP.
Finally, if you receive a ticket in another state, you must pay it or risk a warrant being issued for your arrest. Out-of-state tickets don’t just disappear – take care of them before they turn into something much nastier!

If you have questions about your traffic ticket, contact Miller & Terry immediately! Call our Kansas office at (913) 624-9646 or our Missouri office at (816) 875-0470.