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November 19, 2013

Winter Driving Safety Tips

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With winter quickly approaching, we can expect to see more auto accidents taking place on the open road. This increase in accidents results in a mass of serious personal injuries and fatalities. Many of these accidents could have been prevented if only the drivers followed some basic winter driving safety tips.
Winter Driving Safety Tips
Would you rather shop for the holidays or have body work done on your car? The most important winter driving tip is simply not drive in dangerous conditions. If the highways are too bad to drive on and your local road department has not cleared the roads, stay home and wait until it’s safe to drive.
When you are able to leave home, give yourself an additional amount of time to reach your destination. It’s common for people to speed and pay less attention to the road when they are running late. Speeding during the winter can not only be dangerous to yourself but also to the other drivers on the road.

Driving Safety Tips On Icy Roads

Driving on icy roads is full of risks. While you might feel comfortable with your own driving abilities, you have no clue as to the abilities of the other drivers. What is the condition of their vehicle? Are they driving on appropriate tires for the weather conditions? What is their current mental state? How much experience do they have driving in these weather conditions? There is no way you can answer these questions. The best thing is for you to put more distance between you and the other drivers than you would under normal driving conditions.
Make yourself more visible. Just because you can see the road in front of you doesn’t mean that other drivers can see you on it. Turning on your headlights will help to ensure that other drivers see you sooner.
You should refrain from using cruise control when driving on an icy road. When slowing down, you should apply your brakes very gently to prevent the loss of traction. If the wheels do begin to lock up you should ease off the brakes gently. Driving in a lower gear can also help prevent you from losing traction on an icy road. This is especially useful when driving up and down hills.
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