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February 12, 2018

What Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Needs From You

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In order for your criminal defense lawyer to do the best job for you, i.e. strong defense and reduced or dismissed charges, you need to help them out. To best help your case, there are four things you must do.

How to Help Your Lawyer

Be Honest

Honesty is one of the most important factors in a criminal case. Your lawyer is going to take your word at face value, and if they design their arguments around statements that turn out to be false, it’s going to tank your case. Even if you think the truth casts you in a poor light, tell the whole truth to your lawyer. Not only is that conversation privileged, but it will best allow your lawyer to build a case that puts you in a favorable light.


You don’t need to be in constant contact with your lawyer every hour of the day, but it’s important to keep up communication with one another. If your lawyer has questions, you’ll want to get back to them as soon as possible. Let your lawyer know if you want weekly updates, emails when things change, or only contacted when it’s absolutely necessary.

Follow Their Directions

Listen to all of your lawyer’s instructions when it comes to attending counseling or staying away from certain people or places; they know what is best for you during this time. They also know what actions will put you in a favorable light with the court versus an unfavorable light.

Show Up

Always show up on time to appointments with your lawyer or a court date. If you skip out on mandatory appearances (or meetings with a probation officer), a warrant will probably go out for your arrest. It may not be necessary for you to show up to all court appearances if you have a lawyer representing you, but make sure communication is clear.

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