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August 02, 2018

What Should I Do if I Get a DUI?

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Getting a DUI is never a fun experience. If you are pulled over and have a prior DUI/DWI conviction, contact an attorney immediately. Handling a DUI is a time-sensitive issue that needs to be dealt with quickly. You could be looking at a suspended license, total revocation of driving privileges, or possible jail time. Learn more about the steps you need to take if you get a DUI.

What to Do if You Get a DUI

Get an Attorney

The first words out of your mouth when you call a drunk driving attorney should be the number you blew on the breathalyzer. This can help your lawyer know if you are looking at an administrative suspension. Alternatively, if you refused to blow the breathalyzer, you could be looking at a revoked license. If you did blow, your attorney can request an administrative hearing. This may stop or delay your license getting suspended. If the hearing doesn’t turn out in your favor, your license could be suspended for 30 days.
Your attorney will ask you some questions and gather evidence for your case. Questions asked may include:

  • Why were you stopped? Were you swerving, running lights, or speeding?
  • What led the police to believe you were under the influence? Did you have slurred speech or bad balance?
  • How did you perform on the sobriety test?
  • Is a dash cam available for review?

Your attorney is the best person to give advice on how to defend the DUI charge. They will tell you if you should go to trial or settle with a plea agreement.

What If You Can’t Get an Attorney?

A good DUI attorney will help you navigate a lot of the hoops in the American legal system. Without an attorney, you can run the risk of having points against your license or see the inside of a jail. If you gain 8 points in 18 months, your license will be suspended. 12 points in 12 months will get it taken away.

If You Refused to Blow into a Breathalyzer

If you refused to blow, you need to move quickly. Refusing to take the test will carry serious consequences. The officer can take your license and you will be driving with a slip of paper that’s only good for 15 days. A DUI lawyer can file a stay execution motion and possibly get the revocation order denied. Without an attorney or the breathalyzer test, your driver’s license could be taken away for 12 months.

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