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March 12, 2018

What Can a Defense Attorney Do For You?

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From the earliest stages of a criminal matter to the final decision, a defense attorney is an indispensable asset to anyone accused of a crime. It is the responsibility of a defense attorney to ensure that individuals who have been accused of a crime receive the legal representation that is guaranteed to them by the U.S. Constitution. From minor misdemeanors to major felonies, a great defense attorney must be capable of handling all aspects of criminal matters. 

Defense Attorneys Are Your Best Asset

Who Can Benefit From a Defense Attorney?

When a person suspects that they may be charged with a crime will hire a defense attorney. Whether they have been arrested or were simply brought in for questioning. If you have done nothing wrong, you can still benefit from having a defense lawyer on your side during police questioning.

Get Out of Custody

Sometimes, a defense attorney may be able to cast doubt on an arrest. To make an arrest, a police officer has to have probable cause and many times, when people don’t know what police can and can’t do, allow themselves to be arrested for nothing. Attorneys can argue that an officer did not have probable cause, thereby getting charges dismissed.

Bail and Trial

Defense attorneys also argue for bail, crafting plea bargains, and negotiating with the prosecuting attorney. If a plea agreement cannot be reached before trial, the defense attorney becomes absorbed in preparations. They may conduct a thorough investigation, including hiring experts and specialists to provide testimony at trial. They may also conduct various depositions to question witnesses. This evidence may later be used at trial. Prior to trial, the defense attorney will also make requests of the prosecutor’s office for the disclosure of documents and other pertinent information.

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