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July 19, 2018

Warn Your College Student About Fake ID Dangers

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If your student is heading to their first semester of college this fall, they may be tempted to get a fake ID to get them into bars before they’re 21. Your student may not realize that there are serious consequences for being caught with a fake ID. 

What qualifies as a fake ID?

A fake ID is any sort of identification that has been falsified, forced, or altered in any way. A student may get their first fake ID when they’re in high school, find a friend of a friend who can make one in college, or never purchase a fake ID before they’re 21. The purpose of a fake ID is to get away with things that would normally be illegal for an underage person. Studies show that at least 32% of students have a fake ID by the end of their sophomore year.

Does getting caught with a fake ID have serious legal consequences?

You bet. Most students only think of using their fake ID to buy alcohol and tobacco products, but you also need identification to buy guns, rent apartments, and cash checks. If you’re representing yourself as someone else, you could be charged with a felony.
In Kansas, a fake ID can earn you up to a year in prison or a $2,500 fine. Missouri considers using a fake as a class-A misdemeanor. You can get a $1,000 fine and/or a year in jail.  Either way, the crime goes on your permanent record and cannot be removed. You may also have your license revoked, which is never a fun experience.

What are some other dangers of owning a fake ID?

There are many dangers associated with having a fake ID besides legal trouble. The person who made the ID could have access to sensitive information, like bank accounts and social security numbers. Using someone else’s ID could result in fraud charges.

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