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April 25, 2014

Types of Civil Lawsuits

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Civil Lawsuit Attorney in Kansas City

Most people rarely have a reason to go to court. Accordingly, the concept of a civil lawsuit is sometimes unfamiliar. The process of a civil lawsuit may seem intimidating, and this is why it is important to gain an understanding of the different types of civil lawsuits.

Civil Lawsuit vs. Criminal Case

First, it is important to understand that a civil lawsuit is completely separate from a criminal case. In fact, civil and criminal matters are heard in different courts by different judges. Criminal cases are considered to be violations against society, while a civil lawsuit deals with harm that has been done to a person or their property. The parties in a civil lawsuit may be individuals, a company or a public agency like a utility company.

Small Claims

A small claims case is a common type of civil lawsuit. Generally, these cases involve damages that fall below a maximum amount. This maximum dollar amount is set by the jurisdiction in which the civil lawsuit is filed. Examples of a civil lawsuit in small claims court might involve failure to return a security deposit or failing to keep the terms of a service contract. The parties in a small claims court matter are not represented by attorneys.

Family Law

Family law cases are other typical examples of civil matters. A divorce, child custody hearing or adoption are all civil matters. Civil courts may also hear cases related to wills and the guardianship and care of senior citizens. Similarly, a personal injury matter may be a civil lawsuit. A driver who was injured in a collision with another car may sue the other driver. 


Negligence is another civil matter. Often, a case of negligence may also involve a claim of personal injury. If, for example, a dog bites a person, the person who was bitten might claim that the dog’s owner was negligent and should have kept the animal under control. At the same time, they can sue for the physical injury they sustained.
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