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February 13, 2017

Top 3 Reasons to Sue Someone

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Americans seem to love to sue each other, over a broken mailbox or a broken arm — it’s all the same. Sometimes, there are very legitimate reasons to take someone to civil court. Don’t waste your own time and money suing someone over something you won’t get compensation for. Take a look at our top three reasons that people sue, and decide whether you really want to go through with a civil lawsuit.

Enforcing a Contract

Collection of debt and enforcing an action are both very important contracts that need to be enforced. In some cases you might want to be sensitive to the person that owes you, perhaps it’s a friend you loaned money, and other times it could be waiting for a car title transferal. Either way, if you aren’t getting what’s due to you in a timely manner, the only choice you could have is to take the matter to court to ensure the contract goes through.

Recover Damages

If you or a minor under your charge is injured by a second party, whether it’s severe injury through a car accident or food poisoning, you may need to sue to cover hospital bills or compensate for lost wages. The other party must be undoubtedly negligent, having witnesses and doctor testimony is of great benefit as well.

Property Dispute

Possibly the oldest, most American dispute ever. Disputing over ownership or personal property, like your neighbor extending their fence into your yard. Often, these types of disputes can be mitigated by discussing the problem face to face and coming to an agreement, but we all know that there are stubborn people out there that just won’t give in, even when they’re in the wrong.
The next top reason for suing is divorce, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

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