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April 13, 2016

Tips on Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer

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Finding the right divorce lawyer can mean the difference between ending a marriage as efficiently and with as little anguish as possible and having to endure an endless round of litigation. An experienced divorce lawyer focuses on your needs but also keeps you grounded. How can you find the right divorce lawyer?

Take Time to See Your Options

It’s impossible to find the right divorce lawyer when you have nothing to compare him to. How can you know if the first lawyer you meet is good at his job? Attorneys have distinct personalities and approaches to their job. It may take time to sit down with several attorneys, but this will allow you to feel confident about your choice.

Ask Your Potential Divorce Lawyer Questions

The initial interview is the perfect time to gauge the attorney’s experience and the way they approach their work. Ask them how often they handle divorce cases and what kind of clients they represent. Don’t neglect to ask them how much they charge. A divorce lawyer often requires a retainer fee, then charges clients based on an hourly rate. Ask for a rough estimate of how much a divorce like yours would typically cost. This allows you to compare the cost of pursuing a divorce with each attorney.

Watch for Warning Signs

Don’t trust a divorce lawyer who promises anything beyond doing his utmost on your behalf. No lawyer can guarantee the outcome of any case. If they do, then they are probably just after your money. Similarly, notice whether or not the attorney’s attention is focused on you during the interview. If he’s distracted by phone calls and the computer, you can probably expect that level of attention throughout your case.

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