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July 18, 2013

Summer Safety Tips: Music Festival 101

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Summer is officially in full swing and we couldn’t be happier! This time of the year is filled with tailgates, picnics, and lots of music festivals. Music festivals are great fun, but they’ve also become an epicenter for drugs and alcohol. At summer music festivals, it’s important to remember that just like anywhere else, there are some basic laws that must be followed. Daniel C. Miller Attorney wants you to stay safe and free of alcohol and drug charges, so we’ve provided some music festival guidelines that are sure to keep the good times rolling!

Drug Use and Possession

After interviewing a group of music festival goers, a recent study found that, “21% reported using illegal drugs while at the festival,” and another 47% said that they would do something in this environment they wouldn’t otherwise do. Just because more people are using drugs in these environments, does not make drug possession or use okay.

As music festivals have grown more and more popular across the United States, law enforcement has cracked down on drug use and possession at these events and ramped up the drug charges. The music festival Summer Camp has become so infamous for its drug charges and arrests that local law enforcement has given it the nickname “Felony Fest.” This moniker was given with good reason, though. “Between a handful of police agencies in Peoria County patrolling around the festival grounds and covert drug agents working within the crowds, 235 people ostensibly connected to Summer Camp have been arrested and sent to jail on drug charges over the last five Memorial Day weekends,” reported a source.

That’s a lot of drug charges, and that’s just from one of the larger music festivals in the nation. The fact is that the possession or use of illicit drugs is illegal no matter where you are. Music festivals are no exception. These drug charges can result in jail time, misdemeanors, and even felonies. If you want to stay safe and free of drug charges, leave drugs out of the picture.


Drinking underage and supplying minors with alcohol is also illegal, so don’t make the mistake of breaking these laws at a music festival. Although booze are plentiful here, law enforcement and festival staff are always on the lookout for individuals who are disobeying these laws. If you’re caught breaking these rules, the consequences can result in legal charges and/or removal from the event.
Many of these events take place outdoors and because of this, festivals often have a unique set of rules about the types of alcohol containers that are permitted on the grounds. Typically, glass containers are prohibited for environmental and safety reasons. It’s important to respect the rules that are in place, so be cooperative and bring only the alcoholic beverages that are permitted.
In spite of the accumulating drug charges at these events, summer music festivals are still a great outlet for good music and safe fun. This summer, make sure you stay safe and free of alcohol and/or drug charges by abiding by the laws that are in place. Have drug charges? For legal aid, call Daniel C. Miller Attorney at (816) 875-0470 today.