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July 29, 2013

Summer Safety Tips: Missouri MIP Laws

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It’s tailgating season, but minors be warned, Missouri law enforcement is on the lookout for minors in the possession of alcohol. Tailgating doesn’t give minors a license to drink illegally — MIP (Minor in Possession) laws will still be enforced. Missouri’s MIP laws prohibit minors, under the age of 21, from consuming or possessing alcohol.  MIP laws were created to encourage a safer environment, not to punish underage drinkers. If caught violating Missouri’s MIP laws, minors in the possession of alcohol will be leaving tailgates with a lot more than a plate of burgers and hotdogs. Acquiring a MIP is a serious offense in the state of Missouri, so it’s best to avoid being charged with one at all costs. Daniel C. Miller Attorney cares about your safety, so we’ve laid out Missouri’s MIP laws.

MIP Crackdown

In recent years, Kansas City police have more strictly enforced MIP laws. According to The Kansas City Star, the Kansas City police conducted numerous operations to track illegal drinking. During their crackdown, more than 100 minors were arrested for the possession of alcohol. Parents who provided the minors with alcohol also faced conviction. As a result of these arrests, both parents and minors received misdemeanors — something nobody wants on their record! If you want to avoid MIP convictions, it’s critical that you know the existing MIP laws in the state of Missouri.

Missouri MIP Laws

  • Solicitation, Purchase, or Possession – there are numerous consequences that a minor faces if he or she is found in possession of alcoholic drinks in Missouri. Let’s start with the MIP basics. If any minor asks for, receives, or purchases any alcoholic beverages, he or she is liable to be charged with a misdemeanor.

  • False ID– if a minor is found in the possession of a fake identity, there can be serious ramifications. A minor found with a modified, altered, or reproduced license used for the purpose of acquiring intoxicating liquor, can also be charged with a misdemeanor.

  • Driving – minors found with the possession of illegal drugs or alcohol while driving in Missouri also face legal consequences. If found guilty, a driver can lose his or her license for up to three months, which is a long time in the life of a young adult. Don’t want your license taken away? It’s simple: don’t involve yourself in behavior that can result in a MIP charge.

Minors aren’t the only ones held accountable for their alcohol-related actions. When it comes to MIP laws, Missouri law dictates that parents of minors, local police, and alcohol vendors must observe the Missouri MIP laws that are in place. Abiding by these MIP laws ensures that minors and the rest of society will remain safer. Have you violated Missouri’s MIP laws? If so, call Daniel C. Miller Attorney at (816) 875-0470 today.