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June 20, 2016

Signs of Discrimination in the Workplace

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Workplace discrimination comes in all shapes and sizes. It destroys morale, causes distractions and ruins productivity. The personal lives of workers who experience workplace discrimination are also negatively impacted. These workers may battle depression, anxiety and a host of physical symptoms. It’s for these reasons and more that it is important to recognize the signs of workplace discrimination.

Poor Morale Could Indicate Workplace Discrimination

If the mood of workers is distinctively low, they may be affected by discrimination. Morale can be devastated by out-of-control gossip or employees who are actively hostile toward one another. Some workers may refuse to work with or acknowledge another group of employees.

Turnover Is On The Rise

Workplace discrimination may be lurking behind a sudden rise in turnover. Sometimes managers feel like good employees arbitrarily decide to quit their employment. The reality is that these decisions are rarely made on the spur of the moment. Conduct comprehensive exit interviews to get to the bottom of the spike in resignations.

Track Employee Performance

An employee who is experiencing workplace discrimination may exhibit decreased performance. Perhaps they aren’t paying attention as well as they used to. Maybe the quality of their work is suffering. These things may indicate that they are distracted by something else, which may be the harassing behavior of other employees.

Lacking Workforce Diversity

Take a look at the roster of employees at your organization. Do the identities of your employees all fall along the same lines? If your workforce is all male, all young or all one race, it may make sense to review hiring practices. There may be workplace discrimination occurring, perhaps without hiring personnel even being consciously aware of their choices.
Workplace discrimination takes many forms, some are subtle while others are overt. Recognizing the signs may help organizations avert disaster. If you are facing discrimination in the workplace, call Daniel C. Miller today in the Kansas City area.