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May 30, 2017

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers This Summer

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Teens have broken loose from school for summer break, that means that more teen drivers are out with a fresh license. Parents love when their teens can finally take themselves to work, practice, and friends’ houses, but driving is a huge safety responsibility every time they get behind the wheel. This is the perfect time to highlight a few driving safety tips.

No Cell Phone Zone

It’s next to impossible to tell a teenager not to be on their phone but it is essential that they understand just how devastating the results of reading a text on the highway can be. It’s not an out of site out of mind matter, simply silence the phone, put on a preset playlist, and flip the screen over so the screen’s light isn’t distracting. Eliminating the need to look at the phone at all. Remember: Driving while talking on the phone or texting is illegal in many states.

There’s No Need to Speed

Speed limit violations often lead to collisions and other accidents. When teens have their freedom to be out at night with friends, driving around in the dark is especially dangerous if you are speeding; it doesn’t matter whether you are on a busy city street or empty dirt road. Teens underestimate just how risky their “fun” can be and a night enjoying music, friends, and the night breeze can easily end badly.

Driving Under the Influence is Not an Option

Summertime leads to boredom and many teens will begin to experiment with drugs and alcohol. While this is dangerous enough on its own, add an inexperienced teen driver to the mix and it could lead to disaster. Please, warn your teen drivers about the risks and legal consequences of driving under the influence.

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