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June 30, 2016

Make Sure Your Kid Knows the Risks of Fake IDs Before Heading to College

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Many parents are preparing their children for their freshman year in college over the summer. It’s a bittersweet time when parents can’t help but be proud of their child’s accomplishment. At the same time, it’s possible to feel overwhelmed by all of the challenges those same kids will face in their time away from home. Foremost among those challenges is the temptation for underage drinking, a problem that is prevalent on virtually every American university campus.

The Problem with Using Fake ID

While the partying and drinking culture on college campuses is everywhere, the danger of using a fake ID is in no way diminished. Being caught with a fake ID has delayed or derailed more than one young person’s path to a successful future. You can help your child avoid this fate by counseling them about the dangers of using a fake ID.

Laws Related to Possession, Production, Sale and Use of a Fake ID

Laws in every state make it illegal to produce or sell fake documents. Similarly, it is unlawful to alter a genuine document. Most kids get in trouble just for possessing a fake ID. Even if they have never used the fake ID to purchase alcohol or get into a bar, they can still face criminal charges for possessing a fake ID. However, the penalties are likely to be even heavier if they are caught actually using the fake ID.

Possible Penalties

By far the most common penalty for possessing or using a fake ID is a fine. The amount of the fine varies significantly. A first-time offender may get a fine of $500 or less, while a repeat offender may be looking at a fine of $1,000. Probation is also a common penalty, with the term lasting for one year or longer. Sentences rarely include jail terms, though this is certainly a possibility.
Don’t let your kid go to college without having a conversation about fake IDs and the drinking culture that is prevalent on college campuses.

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