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July 28, 2014

How You Can Revamp Your Decision-Making Process

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Any DUI lawyer can tell you that most of their clients become clients through poor decision making. Whether they aren’t clear about their goals or they are unable to stick to a self-imposed rule, almost any client who seeks a DUI lawyer has failed at making good decisions. A DUI lawyer is faced with multiple decisions every day. Accordingly, they become adept at not sweating the small stuff and making better overall decisions.

Making Good Decisions a Habit

Part of the responsibility of any DUI lawyer is to help their client make good decisions. We do this by setting a clear goal. For instance, our goal may be to get the charges against our client reduced. In other circumstances, it may be realistic to have the charges dismissed. A DUI lawyer can help a client to understand which options are available to them, and then proceed accordingly.

The decision making process that a DUI lawyer and their client must engage in is just like the decision making process that people are faced with multiple times every day. Deciding what to have for breakfast and whether or not to go to yoga require making decisions. So do choices like how many beers to have and whether or not to get behind the wheel of a car afterward.

A DUI lawyer can help their client see that their situation may be the result of poor decision making practices. If you practice being clear about your goals, you’re off to a great start. Follow clarity with setting standards for your decision. Essentially, this means choosing the options that are “good enough” without actually seeking perfection. The more important a decision is, the more time and consideration it deserves. Don’t make a momentous decision on the spur of the moment. Actively weigh your options for a time, but then go focus on something else and let your subconscious play with the problem. You’ll probably arrive at a better decision with a lot less agony.

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