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Workers Compensation

Injuries sustained at work or work-related are almost always covered under workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is no-fault, which means it generally does not matter who caused the injury. There are exceptions to this as explained below in third-party liability claims. However, if a personal injury at work is covered by workers’ compensation, then the employee is limited to workers’ compensation benefits.

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Missouri Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury Lawyer

In order to receive maximum benefits for work-related personal injury, seek the assistance of an experienced Lee’s Summit workers’ compensation lawyer. Miller & Terry Attorneys at Law have more than 30 years of experience as personal injury lawyers. They have thorough and extensive knowledge regarding Missouri’s workers’ compensation laws and work hard to help their clients receive a full and fair amount of benefits. If you have been denied claim or denied benefits, they can assist with any appeals. E-mail or call us at 816.524.8718 about obtaining an expert Lee’s Summit personal injury and workers’ compensation attorney. At Miller & Terry Attorneys at Law, we represent employees in all kinds of work accidents and injuries, including:

  1. Construction site accidents
  2. Defective equipment
  3. Machinery injuries
  4. Slip-and-fall accidents
  5. Broken legs, arms, wrists
  6. Back and spinal cord injuries
  7. Head trauma/brain injuries
  8. Paralysis/paraplegia/quadriplegia
  9. Amputations/severed limbs
  10. Loss of hearing/sight
  11. Repetitive motion injuries
  12. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  13. Wrongful death

Without a workers’ compensation attorney, you may not realize that benefits include past and future medical bills, wage earnings, permanent injury compensation and death benefits. Pain and suffering are not included and can only be compensated for in a third-party liability claim. Working with a personal injury lawyer will improve your chances of receiving fair compensation.

Third-Party Liability Claims for Personal Injury & Workers’ Compensation

An injured worker can seek additional damages for pain and suffering by taking action against a third-party other than the employer. This applies to a variety of situations, including medical malpractice in treatment of a personal injury, inspectors failing to properly examine the employer’s work-safety, and products liability claims against distributors and manufacturers of work equipment. Miller & Terry Attorneys at Law are experienced trial lawyers offering trusted counsel and advocacy to clients throughout Lee’s Summit, Kansas City and Missouri. To speak to an experienced personal injury and workers’ compensation attorney, call 816.524.8718 or contact us by e-mail.