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May 18, 2014

What Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Do For You?

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While jokes about the job of the personal injury lawyer may abound, the reality is that we do a lot of good in the world. 

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A personal injury lawyer is there for clients in their most vulnerable moments. We get to know people after a significant life event that has caused physical and emotional pain. Our clients may be unable to work and be behind on their bills. It is the rewarding job of the personal injury lawyer to help put their clients on the path to recovery.

A personal injury lawyer can be an ally under any number of circumstances. Most often, clients seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer in the aftermath of a vehicle collision. Whether they were driving a car, riding a motorcycle or pedaling in the bicycle lane, these clients typically have suffered physical injuries that required significant medical care. Frequently, insurance companies balk at covering all of the expenses. Sometimes, payment of medical fees should be the responsibility of another party that was at fault in a collision. A personal injury lawyer can help a client in these circumstances get their medical fees paid.

The job of the personal injury lawyer may also involve protecting the interests of those who were injured in a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property. In fact, premises liability claims form a large part of the practice of many a personal injury lawyer. The law states that a business owner, landowner or landlord owes a duty to the people who lawfully visit their property. This means that customers at retail shops, visitors to personal homes and apartment renters should all be able to have a reasonable expectation of safety while on those premises. If the property holder has not provided safe conditions, they may be financially responsible for your injuries.

A personal injury lawyer helps their clients get back on their feet. It’s a rewarding job, and we take it seriously. 

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