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April 14, 2015

What Should I Do if I'm a Passenger in a DUI Arrest?

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The young adult years are a time for making mistakes. Too often these mistakes result in the need for the assistance of a DUI lawyer. That’s always sad, particularly when the person charged with a DUI is a high school student whose life is just beginning. However, the plight of the passenger in a DUI arrest situation is often overlooked. Does a passenger need a DUI lawyer?

Potential Issues with Being a DUI Passenger

It’s not inherently illegal to be a passenger in a car with a person who may be guilty of a DUI. However, the police officer who makes the DUI stop may be suspicious about which of the car’s occupants was actually behind the wheel. Moreover, the officer is within their rights to ask for the identification of any passengers, which may lead to more problems.

Can a Passenger Refuse to Provide Identification?

The passenger may feel compelled to keep their identity a secret. Almost any DUI lawyer would say this isn’t a good idea. It may make the officer suspicious about another crime being hidden. The police can detain a passenger in a DUI arrest and may search the car and the possessions of the driver and passengers. They may look for drugs or weapons based on the refusal of the passenger to provide identification.

Hiring a DUI Lawyer

The assistance of a DUI lawyer may be valuable if a passenger finds themselves in legal difficulty after a DUI stop. While the charges may not be driving under the influence, a DUI lawyer may be able to offer helpful advice about whether or not the police followed protocols. A DUI lawyer often handles cases that arise from being a passenger in a car operated by an impaired driver. Their particular skills can help get charges reduced.

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