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July 22, 2013

Littering in Missouri: The Facts

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litteringLittering has long been an issue that states are combating. With advertising campaigns spanning the nation, the government has been cracking down on litterbugs in recent years. Littering damages the natural environment and wastes valuable taxpayer dollars on managing the cleanup of public spaces around the country. As a result, states like Missouri have passed strict littering laws regarding the punishment for those who are caught littering. At Daniel C. Miller Attorney, we want to keep you out of jail and free of legal charges, so we’ve included a local littering law segment in our summer safety blog series.

Missouri Littering Laws

The state of Missouri estimates that it spends approximately 5.8 million dollars every year on trash removal from its state roads and highways. These valuable tax dollars could be much better spent elsewhere. So, as a result, Missouri has taken a different approach in handling state littering matters. Littering offenders can face serious charges such as a 1000-dollar fine and possible imprisonment for up to one year. For more information about Missouri’s efforts to combat littering, check out the state’s “No More Trash!” campaign.
Littering is a problem that affects everyone. Every year, Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars are put toward fighting littering, a preventable and negligent practice. States like Missouri, along with many others across the nation, are stepping up their law enforcement in an effort to stop littering. Littering has an impact on more than our tax dollars, it negatively impacts our precious environment, too. Before you head out for your next summer road trip, grab a trash bag for your waste. Littering is a serious offense. To stay out of jail and fine-free this summer, avoid littering. For legal aid, call Daniel C. Miller Attorney at (816) 875-0470 today. See our practice areas to learn more about our legal expertise.