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June 15, 2015

Landlords: How to Resolve Tenant Disputes

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Keeping the Peace

As many people already know, owning and maintaining a rental property is a lot of work. Beyond the everyday maintenance duties to keep the property and house kept up and functioning properly, landlords must deal with tenants. While some landlord-tenant relationships run smoothly and encounter no real problems, many landlords face tenants who don’t care about treating the property with respect, who may even do damage to the property, and who don’t want to take responsibility for the conditions they agreed upon in the lease agreement. It is important to know the best way to handle the many different types of tenant disputes and problems that you may face as a landlord.

  • If your tenant causes property damage: Tenants are responsible for any property damage that they, or any of their guests, cause to your rental property. Whether it’s a broken window or a hole in the wall, tenants must take responsibility for the damage and pay for it to be repaired. If possible, it is important that the landlord inspects the damage with the tenant present, and takes pictures to document it. Keep the tenant informed, and let them know that you will be arranging for someone to come and repair the damage, and that they will be responsible for the bill. It is best to write this all down, sign, and date it in case of future tenant disputes. If the tenant refuses to pay for the damages, it may be time to get the law involved. Contact an experienced landlord attorney to help you file your claim.
  • If your tenant fails to pay rent: Without your rent, you are losing valuable income, not to mention that your tenant is breaching the rental contract that he or she willingly signed. Be sure to stay in contact with the tenant; send them letters and emails reminding them of the rent due. If they still fail to pay, this tenant dispute becomes even more serious. With the help of an experienced landlord attorney, give the tenant a notice that if they fail to pay, they will be evicted. It is important to know that you are dealing with this tenant dispute in a lawful way, and working with a lawyer will ensure that is the case.
  • If your tenant often causes disturbances: If you are getting complaints from neighbors that your tenants are blasting music and having wild parties late into the night, or that their pets are causing problems, communication with your tenants is key. Call your tenants and calmly explain the situation to them. Try to adapt a neutral tone, rather than talking to them in an accusatory manner. In many cases, simple communication can resolve this problem. However, if the disturbances continue or become more serious, make a written and signed record of the complaints, and talk to an experienced landlord attorney who can help you figure out the legal way to proceed and resolve tenant disputes.

If you are dealing with tenant disputes, don’t hesitate: call experienced landlord attorney Daniel Miller today for professional help with resolving your conflict as quickly and easily as possible. Call (816) 875-0470 today.