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June 03, 2015

Know Your Landlord Rights for Summer Troubles

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It’s Tough to be a Landlord

As a landlord, you can face a number of frustrating and money-draining issues, such as unpaid rent, property damage, and landlord-tenant disputes. Owning and caring for a property is a lot of work in itself, and additional tenant issues add a whole other level of stress to your already hectic schedule. The best way to avoid all that unwanted worry? Know your landlord rights.

Summer Vacation or a Big Mess for Landlords?

With holidays like the 4th of July and other summer party opportunities coming to your tenants’ door, now is the time to know your rights as a landlord and be prepared for the potential property damage that could be coming your way in the upcoming summer months. You may think you’re covered with your initial deposit, but all it takes is one blowout party to cause thousands of dollars in damages to your property. It’s easy to assume that such disastrous damage will never happen to you, but any tenants have the potential to make a mess of your property, especially when fueled by alcohol and the numerous unknown and irresponsible people who may show up to their 4th of July bash. By educating yourself about your landlord rights and about your legal options, you can cut your stress in half when these problems occur.

Recovering Your Rent

Sometimes tenants fall behind on payments. Sometimes they avoid your calls or make excuses. Several months of this behavior can go by and you find yourself missing thousands of dollars of unpaid rent. You may sympathize with your tenants if they tell you they are struggling to come up with the money each month, but these excuses are only acceptable for so long. Eventually you may find yourself getting into trouble with paying your own bills because of your tenants’ failure to comply with the rental agreement that they willingly signed. In cases such as these, arm yourself not only with the knowledge of your rights, but also with an effective landlord attorney who can help you resolve a seemingly impossible situation with your tenants.

Count on an Experienced Landlord Attorney

Need help protecting your landlord rights or resolving a landlord tenant dispute? Daniel Miller is a skilled litigator and negotiator in these types of disputes. He is knowledgeable in all legal matters relating to Missouri landlords and is ready to help you. Call the offices of Daniel Miller, LLC at (816) 875-0470 to learn more.