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March 28, 2014

Keys to Success: To be Perfect, You Have to Practice

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How is success achieved? Many people would respond that the key to success is being lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Others take a proactive approach, believing that the key to success is hard work. Specifically, these motivated individuals take to heart the adage that “practice makes perfect.”

Practice Makes Perfect

However, practice cannot consist of mindlessly repeating rote actions. The real key to success at practicing anything – whether it’s a chip shot or public speaking – is to be fully engaged. This means that endless hours spent at the driving range practicing the same stroke while your mind is elsewhere is not a key to success on the golf course. Without direction and focus, your golf swing won’t improve despite hours of practice. Why? Because when you are not fully engaged in the process, you are not constantly evaluating your performance and looking for ways to improve.

Seek Out an Adviser

An invaluable key to success in any endeavor that requires practice is a coach, teacher or adviser. Seek out an expert, someone who has more experience and learning than you in a particular discipline that you’d like to master, and enlist their assistance in reaching your goal. Immerse yourself in their philosophy of what constitutes a key to success in their area of expertise. Engage in the process mind, body and soul to discover if it works for you. Don’t be discouraged if the process doesn’t always go smoothly, and remember that the main key to success is dedicating yourself to practice.

Open Yourself to Feedback

A great coach knows that an important key to success for the people he coaches is providing feedback. Open yourself to your coach’s constructive criticism, even if doing so is initially hurtful. While it isn’t always fun to hear that your performance isn’t perfect, sometimes it is the key to success. Acknowledging imperfections and working to correct them is the key to success when it comes to continually improving performance in any discipline.
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