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November 16, 2016

Keeping Out of Trouble During the Holidays

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Unfortunately, the holidays are a time of stress as well as joy. You are excited to see loved ones, but often times they can be critical and argumentative and can leave you at less than your best. If you are an individual struggling with drug or alcohol sobriety, certain mental health issues or have a record of trouble with the law, then you will want to take precautions.

Stay Away From Drugs and Alcohol

Make sure you keep your body and mind healthy. Domestic violence and assault rates go up during the holidays because of the stress imposed by close-proximity to family, financial strain and gift giving, when coupled with drugs or alcohol many people can turn violent. In similar situations, a person might chose to storm off in anger, but this can lead to alcohol- or drug-related accidents.

Be Upfront

It’s hard to keep things in, especially if they are bothering you and you might feel that the topic will be unwelcome. Kindly tell your family any struggles your going through, ask them for their support and request that they not discuss certain things around you. When you feel comfortable where you are there is less of a likelihood that you might go out and get into trouble.

Tips to Avoid Disaster:

  • Set a specific meal time, often those dangerous and heated conversations come when the places are clean and everyone is lingering at the table.
  • Plan an activity everyone can enjoy after the meal like watching a your favorite holiday movie or an outing such as ice skating, this will give your family another focus.
  • Don’t mention politics or topics that can link back to politics like healthcare or education. Basically, don’t mention anything you’ve seen on the news.

Getting into legal trouble will only exacerbate whatever you are dealing with. Taking care of yourself and keeping a close eye on yourself will help you successful and happily make it through the holidays.

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