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February 03, 2014

Kansas City Driving Tips From Our Law Office

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The Kansas City metro includes 15 counties and sprawls out over 7,800 square miles. Many Kansas City residents drive from one corner of the metro to the other every day for work. Many others drive the downtown streets daily. In a metro area with so many suburbs, heavy traffic is inevitable.

At our Lee’s Summit Law Office, we understand that driving in heavy traffic is stressful. Seeing the flashing lights in your rear-view mirror is even more stressful. We speak with Kansas City drivers who have gotten traffic tickets. At our Lee’s Summit Law Office, we help them solve their traffic issues after the incidences — we like to help Kansas City drivers prevent traffic tickets, too.

We’ve put together a list of driving tips for the Kansas City metro. These driving tips from our Law Office should help you navigate the city, keep your stress levels low, and avoid a traffic ticket.

Driving Tips from our Law Office

  1. Leave extra space in stop and go traffic. In only the rarest of circumstances will you not get a ticket if you rear-end the car ahead of you.The rush hour in the Kansas City metro is marked by stop and go traffic. When you’re in this stop and go situation, always leave plenty of space between you and the driver in front of you. Traffic is erratic, so you may pick up pace and then suddenly stop.
  2. Expect the unexpected. In heavy traffic, drivers become irritated and impatient. As you navigate Kansas City, you find several spots of heavy traffic. The best way to avoid an accident or a traffic ticket is to expect the unexpected of the cars around you. Prepare yourself for drivers to swerve, merge, stop and turn without warning.
  3. Signal well in advance when driving downtown. Between the Plaza and downtown KC, signal consistently. Signal well before you change lanes and before you turn to make sure drivers behind you can slow down as they speed down Main or Broadway.
  4. Limit distractions. Don’t text. Call whom you need to call before you enter congested traffic. Bluetooth is a distraction, too, so it is best to avoid using it in the car.
  5. Where is your insurance card?  Your insurance company should give you two cards. One is for your purse or wallet.  The other should stay in the car.

These driving tips from our Law Office should help you avoid an accident or a ticket as you make your daily trips around the Kansas City metro. If you do find yourself with a speeding ticket or another traffic violation, consult an attorney who understands how to defend against it. Contact Daniel C. Miller at (816) 875-0470.