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May 23, 2015

What Should I Do if I Get Hurt at Work?

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It’s a nightmare situation that most people aren’t prepared for. When you get hurt at work, the injuries you receive may affect all facets of your life. Contacting a workers compensation lawyer is an advisable step that may aid you as you recover from your injuries.

Report the Accident

Before finding a workers compensation lawyer it’s essential to inform your employer about the accident. This gives them an opportunity to react appropriately and to enact additional safety protocols that might prevent a similar situation from occurring. Timely reporting locks your employer into providing the monetary and medical benefits to which you are entitled. Failing to report an incident may make the case more difficult for your workers compensation lawyer. It also opens the door for your employer to claim that the injury occurred outside of work and that you are not entitled to any benefits.

Get It In Writing

Your workers compensation lawyer will find it helpful if you can provide a written report of the incident. Some organizations have a standard form, but others do not. If your company does not have such a form, consider writing a report and giving a copy to your supervisor and another one to your workers compensation lawyer. The report should include as many details as possible regarding the incident and the injuries you suffered.

Keep Notes

Whenever you meet with your supervisor, insurance company representatives or medical personnel about the incident and your injuries, make certain to take notes. Your workers compensation lawyer may require months of work to settle your claim, and it can be difficult to recall details over an extended period of time. By making notes you’ll be providing valuable records for your workers compensation lawyer.

Seek Medical Attention

Proper health care is essential as you recover from your injuries, and it will assist your workers compensation lawyer too. With detailed medical records, making a claim for compensation is a much less complicated process.

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