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August 07, 2014

Why You Must Be Honest with Your Defense Attorney

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It is both embarrassing and distressing to be accused of or charged with a crime. Some defendants might be tempted to withhold some part of the truth from their defense attorney, but that is rarely a good strategy.

Honesty Is the Best Policy With Your Defense Attorney

A well-informed defense attorney is your number one ally. When you’ve told your defense attorney all the facts you know, they are better able to craft a suitable defense. Your defense attorney doesn’t want to know the details of your case to satisfy curiosity or to judge you. Any defense attorney with a reasonably busy practice has probably heard circumstances more shocking than yours and is well aware that good people sometimes make poor choices. Your defense attorney doesn’t ask questions in order to assess what kind of person you are, but rather to assess the best strategy for defending your rights.

If You Committed A Crime, Tell Your Defense Attorney

Don’t be afraid to tell your attorney that you may have committed the crime with which you have been charged. Ethics and the attorney/client privilege prevent him from inappropriately divulging anything that you reveal. Your defense attorney may ask you if you “did it,” but usually this is because they want to look at circumstances that may make you appear less culpable to a jury. 

It is often only through knowing all the facts that your attorney can confidently advise you. This may mean exhaustively going over the details of your case as your attorney tries to poke holes in the police investigation or the discovery submitted by the prosecution. Because you’ve provided your defense attorney with all the facts, he will be able to advise you whether or not to accept a plea deal or if you would be better off going before a jury.

Your attorney’s job is to provide you with a vigorous defense and to protect your Constitutional rights. Realizing this can help you see why it’s important to your case that you reveal the facts to your defense attorney.

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