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January 15, 2016

How to Handle a Real Estate Dispute

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When entering a real estate agreement, it is easy to assume that everything will go as planned and that there will be no problems with the contract. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Even the best planned real estate agreement or contract can go wrong. The important thing is to know how to handle a breach of contract when it comes to real estate agreements.

Types of Real Estate Disputes

Certain details, such as the property’s purchase price, the final closing sale date, the buyer possession date, and the specific items included in the sale, are specified in the real estate agreement. If a party fails to meet these agreements, a real estate dispute may take place.
Real estate agreement disputes can take several different forms. Sometimes there may be a dispute over closing costs. For example, a misrepresentation of contract terms or a loan fraud can result in a dispute over the original negotiated cost of the real estate property. Real estate disputes can also arise out of one party failing to complete the terms stated to be met before the completion of the sale. This could include failing to have the property inspected or failure in getting a specific type of financing.
Both the seller and the buyer can cause a breach of contract in the real estate agreement. A seller breach typically takes place if the seller does not sell the real estate property to the buyer as agreed to in their contract. A buyer breach takes place when the buyer does not complete a part of the contract, such as pay the amount specified or acquire the necessary financing.

Legal Help with Real Estate Disputes

When faced with the complexities of a real estate agreement document and a dispute over that document, it is best to turn to an attorney experienced in civil lawsuits to look over your case and help you find a satisfactory solution to the real estate dispute. Call Daniel C. Miller today in the Kansas City area at (816) 875-0470 for help from a civil lawsuit attorney.