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February 19, 2018

What We Can Learn From a Former NFL Player's DUI

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You may remember hearing about former Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Letroy Guion being arrested last June for a DUI while celebrating his birthday in Waikiki, HI. Despite telling officers he was drunk on site, Guion decided to take the case to trial. Now, after failing to appear in court on Monday, March 5th, a bench arrest warrant has been issued.

When Should a Case Go to Court?

Guion was pulled over for drifting between lanes and failing a breathalyzer test. Police records of the incident quoted Guion as telling officers “I know I’m drunk.” His blood alcohol was 0.086%, 0.006% over the legal limit in Hawaii. Last August, he was released from the Packers, as he was already facing a four-game performance-enhancing drugs suspension on top of the DUI.

Should You Fight a DUI?

In Guion’s case, he admitted to being drunk to officers and had quite a high BAC. Now, this isn’t necessarily enough to convict but it is highly likely. If the arresting police officers had their cameras on, the case is more than likely open and shut because a defense lawyer wouldn’t be able to prove otherwise. If you can find and afford a defense lawyer that specializes in DUI, DWI, and drug-related cases, you have an excellent chance at being or reducing charges.

How Defense Lawyers Fight a DUI

In order to have a fighting chance at beating a DUI, you’ll have to prove one of the following:

  • That you were not operating the vehicle;
  • That you were not actually under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Challenge the credibility of the arresting officer(s);
  • That police made an error during the arrest.

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