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May 20, 2013

Float Trips and Minors in Possession

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The weather is beginning to heat up which means spring time in Missouri and everyone is heading to their local state park to enjoy the beautiful weather. One of my favorite spots is the Bennett Springs State Park because it is one of Missouri’s four trout parks. The Niangua River flows freely through the state park and it is a favorite destination not just for myself but for young adults.

Unfortunately, this also means young adults partake in activities that they aren’t quite old enough for yet and that law enforcement officers are aware of this.

We know we can’t say anything to persuade anyone under the age of 21 to not consume alcoholic beverages but it is best to consume them on your own property, without the chance of getting caught.

Underage drinking is taken extremely seriously by the Department of Conservation and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.

Even if you are old enough to drink, you should be careful who you provide alcoholic beverages to. Not only will the Sheriff arrest a minor in possession who is merrily canoeing the Niangua, the law will arrest the adult who supplied the adult beverages. The interesting part is that a minor doesn’t have to get caught with a can of beer in his or her hand.   A charge of underage possession of alcohol can be proved by consumption. If you chug your beer down right before the law descends on you and your friends, try not to breathe on anyone.

These laws are vigorously enforced and prosecuted in Dallas County.

If you insist on drinking during your state park visit, you should either cancel your canoe trip completely, stay in your tent and don’t come out for an extended period, or wait until you’re at home to drink to your trip’s success.

The last thing you’ll want is to be sitting on a log in handcuffs at the the nearby takeout point.  That is not how to end your commune with nature.

If you need help with your minor in possession citation or you provided alcohol to a minor, contact the Law Offices of Daniel C. Miller. Give us a call today at (816) 875-0470.