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July 16, 2013

Float Trip Tips from our Law Office

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If you’re fixing to go on a float trip this summer, it’s important that you know Missouri’s float trip rules and regulations. Our law office cares about your safety, so when you’re on a float trip, make sure to follow the laws that are in place and stay trouble-free. Before you head out on the river for your next float trip adventure, reference our law office’s handy list of float trip tips! The Daniel C. Miller Attorney law office cares about your well-being, so this summer, make sure to tune in and check out our summer safety blog series.

Alcohol Restrictions

If you want to enjoy a few drinks on a lazy river ride, you’re in luck! The state of Missouri allows alcoholic beverages on float trips. There are some restrictions, though, so respect the law and follow state drinking parameters.

  • Containers – state and federal laws forbid glass containers, foam coolers, beer bongs, JELLO shots, kegs, and other containers with more than four gallons of alcohol on all Missouri rivers. All coolers also must be completely secured, as to ensure that their contents will stay contained. The environment is also very important, so any leftover trash must be disposed of properly.


Partaking in a float trip on the river does not grant you permission to conduct yourself in a disorderly manner. Illicit drug use, underage drinking, supplying alcohol to minors,  nudity, and excessively loud noise is prohibited on Missouri rivers. Abiding by these laws helps everyone on the river stay safe and out of jail.


As avid fly fishermen, protecting the environment and all of its inhabitants is very important. Make your visit to the outdoors look like you were never there. Protect the habitat.

Private Property

Don’t trespass. Trespassing could lead to a confrontation and a trip to jail. “Just as no one wants a stranger to wander into their suburban backyard, it’s important to remember that the riverbank where you’ve landed your canoe may be private property,” advised a float trip authority. Accidents happen, so in the event that you find yourself on private property, try to leave as soon as possible.
Our lakes and rivers have rules and regulations. Laws exist to protect everyone and everything on the river. Follow the law. Practice good judgment. If you do so, you’re sure to have lots of float trip fun, without the interruption of a trip to the ER or jail. Our law office cares about your safety. For more legal and summer safety tips or to learn about our legal services, call our law office today at (816) 875-0470.