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December 12, 2014

Should You Fight Your Speeding Ticket?

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Getting a speeding ticket can darken anyone’s day, and that’s especially true when you feel that you didn’t deserve the ticket. The easy way to deal with the situation is to get out your checkbook. However, you might want to consult with a defense attorney instead.

How a Defense Attorney Can Help With Speeding Tickets

That’s because paying a ticket is the same thing as pleading guilty. Depending upon your situation, this guilty plea can have serious ramifications. More than one defense attorney has been called upon to assist a client who received a speeding ticket and is now faced with increased insurance premiums, the loss of driving privileges or a black mark on their driving record that might affect their employment.
Even with the help of a defense attorney, fighting a ticket requires time and diligence. Although the case is not as complicated as the criminal matters that a defense attorney often handles, your lawyer will have to put in some time learning about the circumstances under which you received the ticket.
For instance, your defense attorney will want to establish where the police officer was when he saw your car and suspected that you were speeding. He’ll also want to know what method the officer used to determine how fast you were going. Your defense attorney may even visit the scene where the ticket was issued, looking for visual obstructions that could have prevented the police officer from properly identifying the speeding vehicle.

Protect Yourself From Traffic Tickets

Other items might also be brought forth as evidence in your favor. Excellent weather and the condition of your car can help to convince a judge that although you were traveling above the speed limit, you were still driving responsibly.
Clearly, there are numerous ways that a defense attorney might poke holes in the case presented by the police. While some speeding tickets are not necessarily worth the time and effort it takes to fight them, it’s advisable to consider doing so when serious consequences are on the line.

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