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August 15, 2013

Failure to Appear in Court : The Consequences

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Failure to appear in court can result in more than just a missed court day. Failure to appear in court is a legal offense in and of itself. Miss your court date, and you could face a number of legal consequences. For legal information about this violation, look no further than Daniel C. Miller Attorney — we will provide you with the details you need to know.

Results of Failure to Appear

Bench Warrant

Failure to appear in court for a bench or jury trial or for any required court appearance may result in the issuing of a bench warrant. Judges take failure to appear very seriously. Once a judge has issued a bench warrant, you can be placed under arrest by officers of the law in any jurisdiction.

Suspended Driver’s License

In addition to the issuing of a bench warrant, failure to appear in court can also result in the suspension of your driver’s license. You can not drive legally. You will not receive notice of your suspension. And if you are caught driving with a suspended license, you will be faced with further legal consequences, including the charge of failure to appear.

Contempt of Court

Depending on the crime you are charged with and your previous legal history, you may be held in contempt of court. Not appearing in court when ordered to appear by the judge can be interpreted as “willful disobedience, or disregard, of the court.”  Contempt of court exposes you to jail time and court fees.

Jail Time & Court Fees

Missing a court appearance can be a serious legal offense, with consequences. You can face jail time and costly fines. Jail time can cost you your job. You will sit in jail until the judge lets you out.

Sometimes, bad things happen to good people and a court date is missed. If you miss your court date and are facing legal consequences, it is in your best interest to seek legal counsel. For failure to appear in court representation, call Daniel C. Miller Attorney at (816) 875-0470 today.