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April 02, 2014

Employee Wellness: Emotional

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Whether you are an employee or an employer, how often do you gauge your emotional wellness? Chances are good that your answer is “not often.” That’s a shame, because employee wellness can vastly improve the bottom line.

How the Emotional Atmosphere Affects Employee Wellness

Employee wellness addresses the emotional atmosphere of a workplace. In an office where distrust and anxiety rule, it’s a safe bet that employee wellness has hit an all-time low. Workers feel that their efforts are undervalued. They don’t feel motivated to get the job done. They know they won’t be rewarded. Instead, they can almost depend upon being met with criticism. In this type of climate, it’s no wonder that employee wellness suffers. Workers in this environment may call in sick more often, rely on health insurance more heavily, be more prone to injury or carelessness and may be apathetic on the job.This atmosphere is toxic to employee wellness, and it has a detrimental effect on the company’s bottom line.

Managers and Employee Wellness

Contrast that with the experience at an organization where employee wellness is valued. In this office, managers take responsibility for their emotional state. They carefully use words, body language and facial expressions to convey positivity and encouragement. Their approach to business and workers is colored with optimism. Employee wellness is important to them, and they know how their mood can affect others around them. Accordingly, the find healthy ways to cope with stress and encourage employee wellness by providing them with the support they need to cope with challenges effectively.

Make a Commitment to Employee Wellness

When an organization’s management is committed to employee wellness, there is a definite trickledown effect. Employees sense that supervisors genuinely care about them and their work. The result is a desire to perform better. When there is an appropriate emphasis on employee wellness, workers are encouraged to stick with that employer through thick and thin. The company gains a knowledgeable, loyal employee while the worker feels the benefit for working for an organization that values his efforts.
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