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May 11, 2015

What Does a DUI Mean for College Applicants?

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Applying for colleges is exciting. The possibilities seem limitless for most students, but what about someone who has a DUI?

Institutions Set Different Rules

It’s important to realize that colleges independently create their application and admissions processes. Some don’t ask about a prospective student’s criminal past, and in these cases it’s perfectly acceptable not to reveal a DUI. However, many applications do ask about any arrests or convictions. If this is the case, then it is best to be honest about having a DUI. Administrators may have a great deal of latitude when it comes to making admissions decisions. A single DUI may not mean that an applicant won’t be accepted, especially if they can show evidence of attendance at a diversion program or the completion of a sentence.

Multiple DUI Arrests May Be More of a Challenge

Colleges accept that young people make mistakes and that a DUI may be among these missteps. However, an applicant who shows a pattern of risky behavior that may include several DUI arrests may find that they have an uphill battle. In these situations it is best to consult with a DUI attorney who may be able to get a juvenile record sealed. If sealing is not currently an option, some students end up putting off attending their dream college until this can be accomplished. It may be possible to attend a community college for a year or two before transferring to another school.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Even a student with several DUI arrests or convictions on their juvenile record will be better off if they are honest when asked about these matters. A school that asks criminal background questions on application forms is likely to follow these up with a background check. They may still be able to admit a student with a troubled past who is up front about their history. However, a student who lies on an application has probably lost their opportunity.

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