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June 24, 2014

How Can A DUI Affect Your Life?

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Being charged with a DUI is a frightening wake up call. It’s important to engage an experienced DUI attorney to handle the case. A DUI attorney can also help clients to understand how the charges can affect their future.

Advice From a DUI Attorney

It’s possible that a DUI conviction will affect your ability to find employment or to attend the college of your choice. A DUI attorney may be able to get the charges reduced, which may mean that your future life will not be as affected as it might have otherwise been. That’s why it’s important to discuss your future life goals with your DUI attorney. Through understanding what you hope to achieve, your DUI attorney may be able to help you keep your goals on track.

How a DUI Can Effect Your Employment Opportunities

Your DUI attorney can explain how some employers may be unwilling or unable to hire you because of a DUI arrest or conviction. This may be especially true if the job involves driving or operating machinery. Employees with a DUI record represent a greater insurance risk, and a potential employer simply may not be willing to pay the more expensive premiums.

If you work in a field where you are required to be licensed, such as health care or plumbing, you may be required to report these convictions to the organization that licenses you. That organization may have the right to suspend or revoke your license.

As a DUI attorney can explain, you may also face difficulties getting into the college of your choice. Applications ask for arrests and convictions on your record. In most cases, an arrest or conviction for DUI must be reported or you risk being disqualified for falsification. When you do include the DUI on your application, you may be denied because of it. On the other hand, some schools overlook it if you attend a counseling program. 

Enlist Help From A DUI Attorney

Be up front with your DUI attorney about your plans so you’ll understand how it might affect your future.
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