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August 26, 2015

How a Drug or Alcohol Charge Affects Your Life

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Whether it’s a case of a minor getting caught drinking underage or an adult charged with a DUI or illegal drug use, a drug or alcohol charge can have huge negative consequences on a person’s life. As much as we tend to think that such a charge will never happen to us or to our children, it is important to be prepared for the possibility. Underage drinking is an ongoing problem for teens and college students. New and less stringent drug laws in certain states also have made getting caught with marijuana seem less serious. However, getting caught with such a drug in Kansas or Missouri would have much greater consequences than in Colorado, as federal law continues to prohibit the drug. Having a trusted defense attorney just a phone call away is essential in getting the best outcome in these cases.

Immediate Consequences

The immediate consequences of an alcohol or drug charge can disrupt you and your family’s lives. Jail time is an immediate concern, especially for individuals who already have multiple offenses on their record. Jail time can cause you to lose a job, get behind in school, and to spend valuable time away from your family. Another very common immediate consequence is being forced to pay a fine. At times fines can come up to as much as a couple thousand dollars, which puts a huge strain on individuals and families who rely on each paycheck for their livelihood. Finally, oftentimes a drug or alcohol offense leads to mandatory classes, such as an alcohol or drug abuse program, or community service.

Collateral Consequences

Collateral consequences refer to potential penalties that can occur later as a result of a drug or alcohol charge. These consequences can cause lasting problems and make it hard to move on with your life. A charge of any kind on an individual’s record can make it difficult to get into college or to land a good job. Even if charges are dismissed, they can cause lasting damage on your reputation and can cause problems in your personal life and relationships. Although non-discrimination laws are in place, having a criminal record can easily cause you to miss out on job opportunities, especially in employment-at-will states.
You can be denied housing on the basis of evidence that you have been involved with illegal drugs or alcohol. In addition, many public services, such as federal student loans, grants, and welfare benefits, can be denied to you on the basis of drug convictions.

Trust a Defense Attorney to Handle Your Case

If you or a loved one is charged with a drug or alcohol offense, the first step you should take is to call an experienced defense attorney for council. Don’t let a single mistake affect the rest of your life. Working with a knowledgeable lawyer will help resolve your case with the best possible outcome.
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