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July 26, 2016

Driving Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

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Summer is here, and that means that more teens are learning to drive. Other teens who are already licensed will be spending more hours on the road, which may mean that they are driving late at night. This increased time behind the wheel means that this is the perfect opportunity to highlight driving safety tips.

Driving Safety Tips: Why They Matter

Statistics show that teens are involved in more auto collisions than just about any other category of driver. Many of these accidents are related to their relative inexperience behind the wheel. Others are attributed to a lack of maturity that leads teens to engage in risky behavior. Clearly, following some basic tips for driving safety is extremely important.

Banish Cell Phones

One of the most important driving safety tips for young drivers is to get rid of their cell phones when they are behind the wheel. Whether the phone gets stowed in a purse, the glove box or the trunk, it needs to be out of sight and out of mind. Safe driving requires complete attention. Driving while talking on the phone or texting is even illegal in many states.

Stick to the Speed Limit

Many accidents happen when teens fail to follow driving safety tips that counsel them not to speed. While it may be difficult, it makes sense to stick to posted speed limits even if other drivers are not doing the same. This not only avoids collisions but also reduces the chances of being given a pricey speeding ticket.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Driving Don’t Mix

When it comes to driving safety tips, this one is key. It’s no secret that teens experiment with drugs and alcohol. That’s dangerous enough, but when driving enters the mix, the consequences can be deadly. Make sure to warn your teen drivers about the risks and legal consequences of driving under the influence.

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