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October 16, 2015

Getting Your Driver's License Back After it is Revoked

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For many people, having a driver’s license seems like an automatic right. It’s an easy thing to get, but it’s also an easy thing to lose. Keep in mind that a driver’s license is a privilege, not a right, and it can be taken away easily and for a long time by the Missouri Department of Revenue. It is not so easy to get it back once taken away.

When Can a License be Revoked?

One way that many people have to pay for past transgressions behind the steering wheel is a five or ten-year denial of their driving license. For example, any individual who has two alcohol related convictions within five years is in danger of losing their privilege to drive for five years. An individual who has three or more convictions risks losing their license for ten years. Receiving a driver’s license suspension can negatively impact a person’s life in several ways. It can make it difficult to get to work and perform everyday errands that many of us take for granted. If you have had your driver’s license revoked, working with a lawyer can greatly increase your chances of having it reinstated.

Reinstating a Driver’s License

Missouri law has softened a little in recent years on denials. A person can obtain a limited driving privilege (LDP) under most circumstances, although this is not guaranteed, and an LDP is expensive to obtain and maintain. Even if the applicant meets the statutory requirements, the judge hearing the petition has the discretion to deny the petition. If an applicant has a felony conviction there will be no LDP granted.

At the end of the five or ten-year denial period, the individual in question can apply to the court for license reinstatement. Again, it is not guaranteed that the license will be reinstated. The judge can deny the petition for reinstatement even if the statutory requirements are met.

 Kansas City Traffic Attorney

Don’t take your driver’s license and the privileges that come with it for granted. If your license is revoked, work with a lawyer who can help you get it reinstated. At the Law Office of Daniel Miller, we have experience in drafting and arguing petitions for license reinstatement. Our office will let you know up front if you qualify for reinstatement, and if you don’t, we will help you meet the qualifications. Call today at (816) 875-0470.