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January 19, 2017

Why You Should Be Completely Honest With Your Lawyer

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The success of a case, whether a small civil matter or a big court case, is heavily reliant on the lawyer-client relationship. So, it definitely needs to be built on trust and honesty, on both sides. 

During Custody Battles

More than any other civil suit, when someone is in a heated custody battle their actions are under a microscope. Any little thing that isn’t disclosed to their lawyer could be what loses them the battle. So whether there was a late night fight with your ex where the cops were called or just not showing up to a few Little League games, anything could potentially come under fire.

Personal Injury

If a client told the their lawyer they are suffering from an injury and that causes them to be unable to go about their usual activity after, their lawyer would believe them. However, to the lawyer’s surprise, during a trial hearing, the defending lawyer presents a video of the client exerting a great amount of physical activity with ease only a few days after the accident. This invalidates the client’s claim that the injury prevented them from engaging in activity.

Traffic, DWI & Other Civil Cases

Having all of the facts when disputing tickets or DWI charges can help resolve the matter quickly. If there is absolutely nothing left to question or look into it is often that the judge will quickly decide on punishment so that they can get into the next case.

Criminal Cases

Obviously, if you are being tried for big crimes like murder, assault, drugs, etc. the you will want to be as honest about every detail that you possibly can.
Omitting anything when speaking to your lawyer will not only cause you to possibly lose your case, but also embarrass both you and your lawyer.

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