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April 27, 2014

Is Every Civil Lawsuit a Public Record?

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Civil Lawsuit Attorney in Kansas City

The modern era is an age of information, and that is certainly true for civil lawsuit records. Not many years ago, a person wishing to access information concerning a civil lawsuit was forced to either visit the jurisdiction where the complaint was filed or had to wait for weeks for copies of documents to be mailed. While it is still possible to obtain civil lawsuit records by these methods, many courts are now posting such documentation directly online. Thus, consumers have the ability to easily access the history of a civil lawsuit from the privacy of their own computer.

Documents Filed with the Court During a Civil Lawsuit

During the course of any civil lawsuit, a number of documents will be filed with the court. Among these are the initial complaint, and any response that is filed by the defendant. Subsequent filings that are made a part of the civil lawsuit proceeding will also become a component of the public record. Accordingly, any interested citizen has the power to review these records at any time.

Obtaining Copies

The exact procedure for obtaining copies of documents filed in connection with a civil lawsuit varies by jurisdiction. Usually, the interested person must possess a few basic pieces of information in order to begin their search. Knowing the jurisdiction in which the civil lawsuit took place is a good place to start. Civil lawsuits are heard in a variety of different courts, and each one may establish its own procedure for gaining access to records. Someone performing a search in public records may find it useful to know the names of the parties, the year in which the complaint was filed and even the case number assigned to the civil lawsuit to make the search easier.

Lawsuit records may be used by the public for a variety of reasons. Attorneys may review these records while working on an active case with similar elements. Potential employers and others needing to perform a background search may also find these records helpful.

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