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October 28, 2014

Do Breathalyzer Apps Work?

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Even a DWI lawyer relies on their smartphone these days. They offer a wonderful opportunity to connect with others, and there’s no end of fun and useful apps.
However, some people have started using certain Breathalyzer apps for something other than entertainment. These apps are meant to let drivers know when it’s not ok to get behind the wheel. As a DWI lawyer, I have to agree with the many law enforcement agencies that believe these apps are highly inaccurate and might actually lead to an increased number of people receiving DWI charges.

Advice From a DUI Lawyer on Breathalyzer Apps

As a DWI lawyer, I was interested in the results of a recent study that involved three different Breathalyzer apps. Subjects who had imbibed alcohol had their blood alcohol content tested by a police-issued Breathalyzer machine and the three smartphone based apps. All four testing methods came up with widely varying results. Some showed that test subjects were below the legal limit while others had findings at twice the limit.

The Importance of the Police Breathalyzer

Regardless of which test methods showed which results, a DWI lawyer knows that the only result that counts is the one that the police Breathalyzer shows. When a cop pulls over a driver for suspicion of DWI, they don’t care about the opinion of a smartphone app. No police officer past, present or future is going to accept the excuse that a smartphone app showed a driver was below the legal limit, and that’s why they thought they were ok to drive.
Just like a member of law enforcement, a DWI lawyer doesn’t put much faith in Breathalyzer smartphone apps. While such apps might be useful for simple novelty or entertainment, they certainly are not capable of helping anyone make a reliable decision about whether or not to drive. Often, a DWI lawyer offers clients the advice that if they are wondering about whether or not they can drive, it’s always best to call a taxi or rely on a sober friend.

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