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December 21, 2014

How to Avoid Being a Medical Malpractice Victim

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A personal injury lawyer is likely to deal with many medical malpractice cases. Despite the rigorous training required for health care professionals, mistakes are made. It is an unfortunate truth that seeking medical treatment can put people at risk.
Too often a personal injury lawyer only consults with people after the medical malpractice has occurred. It’s rare to have an opportunity to advise people what they can do to guard themselves against such an awful situation. Although some cases of medical malpractice are beyond the patient’s control, here are some things you can do to protect yourself.

Medical Malpractice: How to Protect Yourself

As a personal injury lawyer I see too many people who haven’t taken an active part in their own health care. By simply being involved and asking questions, the average person can protect themselves from a number of risks. Engaging in an open dialogue with caregivers that includes asking plenty of questions can head off all kinds of confusion and potentially dangerous errors.
A personal injury lawyer also knows the importance of being accompanied by a friend or family member. That person might think of additional helpful questions and can keep an eye on proceedings when the patient can’t.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

The patient should double check the accuracy of all forms, paperwork and identification bracelets. More than one medical malpractice claim has been brought to a personal injury lawyer after a clerical error caused a patient to receive the wrong medication or treatment.
Medical malpractice can also be a problem at the pharmacy. Too often, people seek the services of a personal injury lawyer because of an incorrect prescription. Sometimes it’s just the wrong dose, but other times it is not the correct medication. Ask the pharmacist if this is what has been described, and make certain that the instructions they give precisely match those given by the doctor.
While not all instances of medical malpractice can be prevented, patients still have many ways to protect themselves when seeking care.

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