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December 24, 2013

Avoid A DUI This Holiday

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Nobody goes out for a night on the town with the intentions of getting a DUI. It’s not something that you want to get on any given day. However, the fact is police are looking for drunk drivers to pull over on the holidays and the chances of you getting pulled over skyrocket. So, how do you avoid getting a DUI this holiday?

Avoid A DUI This Holiday

1. The smart thing is to plan ahead of time to take a taxi or other means of transportation if you think you will consume alcoholic drinks during any holiday gathering.
2. You should never operate a vehicle if you believe that you are impaired in any way. This becomes a problem due to the fact that your ability to make this decision lowers when you are impaired. Make arrangements with others to assist you in this situation.
3. Control how much your drink over the course of the evening. Your liver is only capable of processing one alcoholic beverage hourly such as one beer, a glass of wine, or a single shot of whiskey. If you’re consuming large amounts of alcohol in short timespans then you are not in control. Drink a glass of water with every drink. It will slow down your alcohol consumption.
4. Try to avoid drinking on an empty stomach. Going out to eat before the drinking begins will help to decrease the effects that the alcohol has on your body. If you are at a party, don’t be shy around the food and snack table.
5. Choose a designated driver who is responsible and committed to not drinking alcohol during the holiday event. A great way to avoid a DUI is to let somebody sober drive the car.
6. Do not allow anyone to have an open container of alcohol in the car. If you or others in your vehicle are visibly drinking, you’re just begging a police officer to pull you over.
7. You should always obey all traffic laws when behind the wheel. Drive the correct speed limit. This means not going too fast or too slow. When you need to change lanes or turn off onto another road, make sure to use your turn signals appropriately.
8. Most importantly, when you get pulled over don’t attempt to be a lawyer. It doesn’t matter if you believe that you didn’t deserve to be pulled over. When a police officer pulls you over, you should always be polite, cooperative and show the officer respect. Trying to start an argument is going to be the first red flag that a person has been drinking.

Get Help With DUI Charges

If you were caught drinking and driving, you might suffer the long-term effects of DUI conviction unless you seek out legal help. A DUI can hurt you more in the long run, even after you’ve paid off your fines and completed community service. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI due to drinking and driving, call Daniel C. Miller Attorney at (816) 875-0470 today.