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August 08, 2013

A Short Guide to Responsible Fishing in Missouri

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If you’re looking for a fun summertime activity, consider fishing. Fishing in Missouri is one of the best ways to relax and have a good time. The rivers are full of great fishing spots. Planning to fish in Missouri? Be sure you do so responsibly; violating fishing rules can lead to legal consequences. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) strives to keep the waters of Missouri healthy. However, such an endeavor will only be successful if fishers follow the Missouri fishing rules. Below are the five most important fishing guidelines you should follow to ensure responsible fishing.

Missouri Fishing Permits

To purchase a Missouri fishing permit, you will need one of the following documents:
● Driver’s license

● Missouri Conservation Heritage card

● Social security number

You can purchase permits from any store that sells fishing and hunting equipment. You can also call the MDC and order a permit. It takes at least 10 days for the permits to reach the residence. Online purchasing is also possible via the e-Permits System. Simply log onto mdc.mo.gov and on the homepage, you will find the link for buying permits. After making the purchase, you can save it on your device. Get a printout before you leave for fishing. In case you lose your permit, you can get a free printout easily. The fishing permit is non-transferable.

Kinds of Permits

Most individuals need to have a fishing permit. There are some exceptions listed in the summary of Missouri Fishing Regulations, though. Missouri fishing permits are divided into three types: lifetime, annual, and daily.

Trout fishing

Missouri is home to a variety of trout species. There are numerous trout parks you can visit with your family to enjoy trout fishing. Remember that along with a Missouri fishing permit, you will also need a trout permit and tag. Every trout park has a different set of regulations. The fishing booklet, which explains these regulations, is available at every park.

Identification of the Fish

All fishing parks place limits on the number and length of fish that you can catch. These limits have been set to keep the fish population balanced. Therefore, you should learn to recognize the fish that inhabit the rivers of Missouri. The MDC website is a good resource to help you learn to identify and measure the fish.
Fishing is a great summer activity, but it’s essential that you know Missouri’s fishing rules and regulations before engaging in this activity. Daniel C. Miller Attorney cares about your well-being, so make sure you do your research and are prepared before you set out on your next fishing excursion. Disregarding fishing laws can lead to legal consequences. Need legal assistance? Give us a call at (816) 875-0470 today.