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May 30, 2017

Our Top 6 Road Trip Safety Tips

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Road trips are a fun family past time, whether you’re dragging your kids along on a trip through historical sites or making your way to a giant water park. Below is a list of our top 6 safety tips to get everyone safely to your destination.

Daytime Driving

You want to sleep in a little on vacation, but it’s better to hit the road early than risk falling asleep trying to find the hotel in the dark. If your trip crosses over multiple days, and you don’t make reservations prior to leaving, you could be tempted to keep driving while you’re drowsy.

Watch the Gas Tank

When you first leave your home, it seems like there are gas stations everywhere, but once you get mid-state most places don’t have stations for many miles. Start off your trip with a full tank, and since you never know when’s the last stop, don’t let your gas get below one-fourth of the tank.

Buckle Up

In 2015, The Missouri Department of Transportation reported 853 deaths. 63 percent of those who were killed were not wearing their seat belts. So, as the Missouri billboards go, “Click it, or ticket.”

Have an Emergency Kit

Emergency items and kits are a great way to make sure a minor problem doesn’t get out of control. Things to think about including are:

  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight (with good batteries)
  • Jumper cables
  • Flares
  • Jack and other tools to change tire
  • Extra cell phone car charger

Map Out Routes

GPS is a great tool nowadays, and many mapping apps have real-time traffic alerts but the United States is so big and very empty, so there is a good chance your data won’t work somewhere. Keep a paper map or atlas in your car to stay on track. Make sure to also look for detours and have a few possible routes planned out in case.

Drive in Shifts

For those families that are traveling with their driving age kids or are going with a group of friends, trade out drivers every few hours or every time you stretch your legs at a rest stop. If you are a single parent, consider asking a friend of family member to come along as emergency driving relief and help with the kids.

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