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May 25, 2016

5 Negative Consequences of a DUI

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If you’ve been charged with a DUI, then it’s imperative that you work with an experienced DUI lawyer. An arrest and conviction have life-changing consequences that go beyond a night in jail. Here’s a look at five negative consequences a DUI can have on your life.

1. Driver’s License Revocation

Any DUI lawyer can tell you that your days of driving yourself are numbered when you’re facing these charges. Your license could be revoked for two years, affecting your personal and professional lives.

2. Adverse Employment Action

You’ll likely spend more time with your DUI lawyer than you will at work in the weeks after an arrest. Most employers aren’t enthusiastic about the time you’ll have to be away from work for court dates and jail time, not to mention community service. Some employers may have to fire you or may not consider hiring you if you cannot legally drive.

3. Inability to Pass Background Checks

Your DUI lawyer can explain how a conviction will stay on your record for good. This can affect your dreams of a college education, your ability to rent an apartment or your eligibility for a particular career.

4. Travel Restrictions

Many people dream of exploring the world, but an experienced DUI lawyer can tell you that a conviction derails those dreams. Many countries do not allow people who have been convicted of a DUI inside their borders.

5. Skyrocketing Insurance Rates

People who have a DUI on their record pay significantly more for car insurance than those who don’t. This doesn’t just last for a year or two. Many insurers charge exorbitant rates for five years or longer.
The most important thing you can do after being arrested in this type of situation is to contact a DUI lawyer. A competent DUI lawyer may be able to get the charges against your reduced or dropped so you don’t have to face these consequences.

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