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February 05, 2018

3 Tips to Get Your Worker's Compensation

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Getting hurt on the job is never expected and not fun to go through, but it does happen and you need to be prepared. If you have a job in a field that is safety-sensitive, you should always have a plan in the event that you get injured. When you are suffering from a work-related injury, the last thing you are thinking about is navigating through the worker’s compensation process. We’ve compiled some helpful information to assist you in getting the compensation you deserve.

Worker’s Compensation Tips

1.Get Medical Assistance Immediately

When get injured in any way on the job you should notify your employer and get medical attention immediately. Even if you believe the injury to be small; it could turn into a bigger injury from repeated stress on it or it could be a lot worse than you think. If you’re hurt on the job, notify your supervisor so that the proper records can be filed indicating that you were injured while performing your duties at work. Your employer’s workers compensation insurance is the health care provider of their choice to pay for all medical treatment. You may choose a different care provider, but you risk doing so at your own cost. You may also choose not to file a workers compensation claim.

2. File Your Claim ASAP

Complete the workers’ compensation claim forms and hand them over to your employer promptly. Just fill them out as soon as you get them–you won’t forget and the process will speed up. If you send the forms by mail, make sure to send them by certified mail and keep the return receipt. An employee who waits 30 days or longer to file their claim jeopardizes compensation for their injury and treatment.

3. Make Sure Your Employer Files it

It is very important to be completely sure that your employer has actually filed the workers’ comp report with their insurance company. The longer they take to start the process, the longer it will be before you start to receive any compensation for your suffering. If you have not heard about the status of your claim within two weeks you should contact the insurer.

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