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    Expunging Misdemeanors From Your Record

    If you were convicted of a misdemeanor years ago, you may feel frustrated by the way it continues to affect your life. A misdemeanor arrest or conviction makes it difficult to get a job, rent a house or qualify for a loan. Seeking to expunge your criminal record may set...
  2. Landlord Law x

    Tips for Landlords on Complying with the Law

    An increasing number of people are testing the water as a first-time landlord. While renting out a home is an excellent way to generate extra income, it is vital for owners to understand the law as it applies to their situation. Failing to understand and follow state law and federal...
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    Lost Driving Privilege? How the Law Affects You

    Losing your driving privilege can be devastating for anyone. Sometimes, people don’t realize how much they rely on their car until it becomes illegal for them to use it. Recognizing that the loss of the driving privilege can make it difficult or impossible to continue performing the necessary tasks of...
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    Common Legal Mistakes Businesses Make

    Business owners have a multitude of concerns to juggle, and the most crucial of these relate to legal matters. That’s because failing to be proactive about legal questions can cost the company considerable time and money. For the sake of employees and the organization itself, it pays to be on...
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    How to Conduct an HR Investigation

    People who are employed in human resources may be called upon to perform a workplace investigation from time to time. Many people are apprehensive about conducting an investigation that may involve their employer and their colleagues. This reluctance is only natural, considering that the outcome can have a significant impact...
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    Different Types of Felonies and What they Mean in Missouri

    Felonies: Explained. Unsure what the different felony classifications mean? Most people understand that a felony is more serious than a misdemeanor, but few know that felony crimes are broken down into various categories. Violent crimes like murder, kidnapping and rape are all felonies, but other offenses like espionage, tax evasion, embezzlement...
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    What you Should Know About Being an Expert Witness

        Expert testimony can be an incredibly important component of any court case. Whether this expert testimony is given before a judge or in a deposition, the process is filled with pitfalls. The more prepared the expert witness is, the more valuable their input will be. Related posts: An...
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    Driving Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

    Summer is here, and that means that more teens are learning to drive. Other teens who are already licensed will be spending more hours on the road, which may mean that they are driving late at night. This increased time behind the wheel means that this is the perfect opportunity...

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