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    To Fight or Not to Fight a Traffic Ticket

    Don’t be afraid to fight your traffic violation, you have the right to know what you are being accused of, why and whether you were truly in the wrong. Related posts: When to Fight a Speeding Ticket Should You Fight Your Speeding Ticket? Should I Fight my Speeding Ticket? What...
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    4 Big Legal Mistakes Small Businesses Make

    It’s exciting to have your new business up and running. You are ready to watch it flourish and savor in the fruits of your labor, however there are plenty of things you might have overlooked in the process. Related posts: Common Legal Mistakes Businesses Make The Missouri Merchandising Practices Act and...
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    Sending Explicit Images: Educating Teens

    Since the advent of an internet enable cellphone, or even just a picture phone, there has been a problem with the content that people are sending each other spreading around and leading to legal issues. These items being inappropriate pictures, messages, videos, etc. A large majority of those getting into...
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    Understanding Your 4th & 5th Amendment Rights

    A lot of people don’t know that they don’t have to do everything the police say. For example, they can’t arrest you for refusing to open a door without a warrant. There are times when the police will take advantage of individuals not knowing their rights to make their job quicker...
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    Keeping Out of Trouble During the Holidays

    Unfortunately, the holidays are a time of stress as well as joy. You are excited to see loved ones, but often times they can be critical and argumentative and can leave you at less than your best. If you are an individual struggling with drug or alcohol sobriety, certain mental...
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    What You Should Do After an Accident

    If you’re involved in any kind of automobile accident there are things you know you should do like stop, call the police and exchange insurance information. There are a few things that you should remember to do to save time and money when dealing with the police and insurance companies....
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    Fix Your Distracted Driving Before It’s Too Late

    Distracted driving is becoming more and more of a safety issue. Talking, texting, adjusting music and looking at map directions on phones are all causes of traffic accidents. According to distraction.gov, in 2014 3,179 people were killed and 431,000 people were injured in an accident involving distracted driving. Teen Drivers Younger...
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    The Consequences of Damaging City Property

    We are pretty aware of what happens after you crash into a person, car or private property. What is the protocol when you damage city property, either accidentally or intentionally, and what are the costs that can be incurred? Related posts: Advice for Landlords: What to Do in Case of Property...
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    The Basics of Proving Personal Injury Claims

    With the holiday season starting, the weather starts getting worse and the roads busier. It’s inevitable that there will be an increase in traffic accidents and personal injuries. Before hiring a personal injury lawyer, know the basics of proving your claim. Related posts: Slip and Fall Accidents: Do You Need...
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    5 Simple Tips For Giving a Great Deposition

    Giving a deposition can be a confusing and nerve-wracking time. Many mistakes are common sense and easily avoidable. Below are a few tips to keep in mind in order to help you prepare for and give a great deposition. Related posts: What you Should Know About Being an Expert Witness...

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