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    Did Your Spring Break Fun Take a Terrible Turn?

    Weeks of spring break build-up can come crashing down with an arrest for DUI, DWI, MIP, public intoxication, or drug possession. Being charged with any of these offenses doesn’t guarantee that you will face serious repercussions but it is very likely. Related posts: Spring Break Safety Understanding Drug Possession Laws...
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    Avoiding a Landlord-Tenant Dispute

    Disputes can arise over many different issues involving lease agreements, tenant rights, responsibility for repairs to the property, rent, eviction and more. For most situations, lawyers and time spent in court should be the last resort for resolving these matters. Related posts: Landlords: Tenant Behavior and When to Evict The...
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    Discrimination in the Workplace: Know the Signs

    Discrimination is any workplace action like hiring, firing, demoting, and promoting based on a prejudice of some sort, resulting in the unfair treatment of employees. Some states have laws prohibiting discrimination and may be even stricter than federal laws. Related posts: What to do if You Experience Workplace Discrimination Signs of...
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    Top 3 Reasons to Sue Someone

    Americans seem to love to sue each other, over a broken mailbox or a broken arm — it’s all the same. Sometimes, there are very legitimate reasons to take someone to civil court. Don’t waste your own time and money suing someone over something you won’t get compensation for. Take...
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    Too Drunk to Drive? Watch Your BAC On a Night Out

    Making sure you are sober enough to drive is a big responsibility. If you are already intoxicated, you may feel great but once behind the wheel disaster could strike. To prevent injuries, death or prison it is best to make sure you are completely sober before getting behind the wheel....
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    Can You Get Your DUI Expunged?

    Being arrested for or convicted of a DUI can put a black mark on your driving record, but it can negatively affect your life in other ways. For instance, some jobs may require that your driving record be clean. Because people tend to find the stigma of a DUI upsetting,...
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    Why You Should Be Completely Honest With Your Lawyer

    The success of a case, whether a small civil matter or a big court case, is heavily reliant on the lawyer-client relationship. So, it definitely needs to be built on trust and honesty, on both sides.  Related posts: How to Ask the Right Questions When Hiring A DWI Lawyer What Does...
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    The Differences Between Civil and Criminal Cases

    The American justice system is comprised of two different types of legal cases, civil and criminal. Although criminal and civil cases are treated very differently, most people don’t recognize that the same conduct can result in criminal and civil liabilities. Related posts: Understanding the Differences Between Civil & Criminal Cases Can a Civil...
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    How to Go About Collecting Personal Debt

    We all want to help the people we love and believe in; whether it is a small loan for a friend’s new business or a sum you’ve given your aunt who was going through a rough patch. When you know they’ve made back the money and then some, but have...
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    Stay Safe this New Year’s Eve

    If you’re going out to parties or bars this Saturday, keep in mind a few rules of thumb to stay as safe as possible. Related posts: How to Avoid Getting a DUI Is Uber Here to Stay in Kansas City? Keep Your Teen Driver Safe Kansas City on the look...

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